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Charter Services

Extreme Sport-Adventures

Book super cool adventures with us! Miss Alyssa specializes in adventure tours including skiing, volcano hiking, surfing, and scuba diving.


We’re a small, family-run company that specializes in adventure tours. Our dedicated team of experts can help plan your trip from start to finish and make sure you have an unforgettable experience.


Unalaska Bay Tour

The best way to see Unalaska Bay if you only have one day. A beautiful serene tour with majestic views of the surrounding mountains as they rise straight out of the water. This tour covers WWII historical ruins and sites, whales, waterfalls, sea otters and eagles. This is the most protected and calm tour if your group is prone to seasickness.

puffins bay.jpg

Deadliest Catch Crab Tour

Your group up to 6 people will get to step into the feeling of what it's like to be a professional crab fishermen. After a short harbor tour,  you will experience the thrill of "throwing the hook"and watch the crew haul in the crab pots.  You'll see all sorts of marine life on this trip and its an excellent choice for the whole family.

crab catch.jpg

Baby Island's Bird Charter

For the serious birder who wants to witness the unique species of birds that we  call the  Baby  Islands home, the Miss Alyssa has over 20 years as the go-to experts.   We have helped international birding groups locate  and attracting birds for stunning and rare photo opportunities. This tour handles up to 6 passengers


Aleutian Magic

The Miss Alyssa is one of the few charters that can locate this rare phenomenon; one of nature's greatest gathering,  where ten million seabirds and 500+ whales assemble around massive groups of krill and herring.  This is one of the wonders of nature and has been the focus of the Discovery Channel in all of their "Planet" series since 2004.

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