Captain Jimmer McDonald

and the Miss Alyssa

The Miss Alyssa

One of the finest charter vessels in the Aleutian Islands, this Skookum rides like a Cadillac. The Miss Alyssa is 43' with a 14' beam and outfitted with a spacious galley, head and plenty of indoor seating. Walk around deck with a 18' by 14' open back deck provides room for freight and equipment. Full vessel description HERE.

​Captain Jimmer McDonald

A Native Aleut Alaskan and a Navy Veteran, Jimmer is one of the most respected and experienced Captains in the Aleutian Islands. Captain Jimmer is known for excellent customer service and his ability to make every client feel like a part of the family. 

Bering Sea Excursions

The Miss Alyssa is owned by Bering Sea Excursions, an Unalaska based company providing all aspects of vessel husbandry from replacing anodes to top-side and underwater welding to vessel security. 

Dutch Harbor and Unalaska

We are thrilled to welcome you to one of the most extraordinarily beautiful places in the world. A place we call home.

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