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Commercial Charter Services

Extreme Sport-Adventure

Book super cool adventures with us! Miss Alyssa specializes in adventure tours including skiing, volcano hiking, surfing, and scuba diving.


We’re a small, family-run company that specializes in adventure tours.


Our dedicated team of experts can help plan your trip from start to finish and make sure you have an unforgettable experience.



We assist government agencies NOAA, US Coast Guard, US Navy, Army Corps of Engineers, USDA, EPA, NMFS, DEC, DOT, Alaska State Troopers, and others on private and granted research.

Whether it involves a building project, new road, new airport, or setting tide gauges, we do it all.

The amenities of the Miss Alyssa; ample work space, fine meals and experienced crew make the Miss Alyssa the most requested vessel in our area for government and research charter.



Companies like BBC, NBC, and Discovery Channel have engaged the Miss Alyssa for complex high-profile work.

Whether you are experts or novices, ecologists, or Hollywood, we can get your crew and equipment to some of the most unique and remote visions on this planet.

Filming in the extreme environment of the Bering Sea needs an experienced crew. Productions like the Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch and the BBC  put their trust in the Miss Alyssa.


Marine Transport & Freight Forwarding

We help government and private industry move everything from barrels of oil to building supplies and personnel.

If you have a need to transport freight or people anywhere within 300 miles of Dutch Harbor we are an economical and timely solution.

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